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10 October 2007 @ 07:15 pm
Welcome to Rochester D/s, a general meeting place for Doms, subs, Masters, slaves, Tops, bottoms - whatever you identify as - in the Rochester, NY area.
A few ground rules:
1) This is a kink-friendly space, and ours is a damn diverse community - people may have different takes on the scene than you. Please be respectful of these differences.
2) To stay out of any legal gray areas, Rochester D/s is 18+; if you'd like to join, please make sure your birth year is listed in your profile so we know everything's kosher.
3) All types are welcome here, whether you're active in the lifestyle, exploring, or just curious.
4) There are a ton of general BDSM-etc communities on LJ; this one is location-specific. We're hoping to help make some local connections, so please only join if you're in or around the Rochester, New York area.
5) We're trying to keep this a discussion forum, so - while posts detailing your sexual exploits may be fun to read, please try to keep that stuff relevant to whatever issue's at hand, thanks. If at the end of your post you can't answer this question "what discussions can be made about this?" then it might not be appropriate for this comm.
6) Any posts over three paragraphs or so - use your discretion - should be put behind a cut. If anyone doesn't know how to do this, leave a comment and we'll show you. Any explicit material, images or text, should be put behind a cut and marked NSFW.

Finally, don't be a troll. But you probably don't need to be told that, right?

Myself (see_jack_top ) and my pet ( allformymaster ) are your friendly neighborhood maintainers; if you have questions or issues with the comm, let one of us know.

Without further ado - enjoy!